Emily is the voice of Daphne, a sweet and sultry dancer/fighter

in an upcoming mobile game from Lilith Games!

Past News and Events

Emily is an actor with experience in theatre, voice over, film, television, and improv. She helps other actors prepare for roles in classical theatre as a Shakespeare Coach. An accomplished violinist, Emily has played with Seattle Philharmonic, Orchestra of the Bronx, and the Northwest Mahler Festival, among others. Emily lives in New York, and is from Seattle, Washington.

Email: the.emily.staudt@gmail.com

Phone: 253-740-0213

Emily Philio is now Emily Staudt!

Emily got married on September 9, 2017 in Larchmont, New York.

New from the Shakespeare Coach YouTube Channel:

My top 7 tips for becoming a better actor RIGHT NOW - without spending a dime!

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Actor - Voice Over Artist - Violinist - Shakespeare Coach

Emily Staudt

Winter/Spring 2016

Emily is keeping busy in the new year! She's hitting audition season hard, while currently studying:

Shakespeare Scene Study with The Shakespeare Forum

Voice-Over lessons from Glen Holtzer 

Stage Combat from Jared Kirby - beginning knife training!

Voice and Speech from Lucille Rubin

​She also had a great time playing a badass Snow White in a stage combat showcase for The Art of Combat, featuring her hand-to-hand and knife fighting skills in May!

She learned new skills at Shakespeare & Company's weekend intensive in December, directly from S&Co founder, Dennis Krausnick!

She's "Breaking Down the Bard" on her blog! Emily's articles on verse and text are being seen and shared by thousands of people all over the world - and consistently referenced in online magazines​​!

"Have no fear, Wonder Woman is here!"

Emily is now the voice of a certain Amazon superhero for a new talking card from American Greetings!

Breaking News

Emily recently did Voice Over for a 30 second television spot for Cost Cutters!

She also has a brand new VO demo - check it out!